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Yes, it’s your Medicare and insurance right to chose where you are going to do your rehabilitation, provided they participate in your insurance plan. Some hospitals may provide lists of “preferred long- and short-term rehabilitation providers”, but these are only suggestions and patients should carefully consider the facility that is the best fit for them. Here at The Carolton, we are an independent, family-owned business and we treat our patients as if they were part of our family. We believe you will get a different, more personalized kind of care here. 



Yes! In fact, we encourage this. You are welcome to contact our admissions staff and to tour our facility. When you have completed your surgery and any necessary hospitalization, we will be ready to welcome you to The Carolton and continue your care. 



At The Carolton, we have a team of 34 licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists, many with orthopedics, neurological and geriatric specialties, who take the time to get to know each patient, their medical history, and their families. Our facilities include three modern, bright, clean, fully equipped gyms that offer over 4,000 square feet of dedicated rehabilitation space featuring treadmills, elliptical machines, parallel bars, stretching equipment, bands, weights, balls and more. Our dedicated occupational therapy spaces include a working kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and adaptive equipment so our patients can look forward to independent lives. We’ve also developed The Carolton Scorecard, a powerful tool for physicians and therapists alike.



Developed by a team of Carolton Physical Therapy Specialists and Sacred Heart University, The Carolton Scorecard is the most comprehensive assessment tool available for older adults of every activity level.  The Scorecard provides critically important information for therapists, clients, family members and physicians about the strength, joint motion, gait, power, balance and overall function as compared to the normal age-related populations.

The scorecard can only be completed by Carolton trained therapists and can be initiated at any time during an inpatient, outpatient or wellness stay. Items in the scorecard will be tracked over time and is developed to sense changes in your progress, showing either decline or improvement. This will assist the Physical Therapist in making decisions for your patient-specific exercise plan to best improve outcomes.



The Carolton’s 34-member rehabilitation team has created one of the most extensive rehabilitation programs in Fairfield County. All of our inpatient and outpatient therapy is one-on-one and customized for each patient to meet your particular needs and goals. We provide services seven days a week therapy and limit the amount of patient appoints each day to ensure we spend the time with you that you need. Our short-term patients generally receive therapy services twice a day; our outpatient clients are treated based on their physician’s recommendations, which can range from once a week to several times a week depending on your specific needs. 



Our admissions professionals have been working with our patients for over 20 years and navigating insurance is confusing, discouraging and sometimes scary. We can help you with the care plan that makes the most sense for your recovery and yields the best possible results. 



Because of our continuum of care, our inpatients can seamlessly move to our outpatient rehabilitation program once they return to their homes. You will continue to benefit from our extensive rehabilitation facilities and our expert rehabilitation staff.  You will also have the peace of mind of knowing we have full access to your inpatient records and your nursing staff to attend to any special needs or concerns. When your outpatient rehabilitation is completed, you have the option of continuing with our Wellness Program.



The patients in our outpatient program are well enough to stay at home and come to our 4,000- square-foot, fully equipped facility for their rehabilitation services. Our specialized physical, occupational and speech therapists will custom-design your treatment plan and provide you with the individualized attention you need for your recovery. We offer free, onsite parking and easy access from I-95. And when your outpatient services are complete, The Carolton’s Wellness Center will help you continue your progress towards your best health.



After completing your outpatient rehabilitation either at The Carolton or another rehabilitation facility, you can continue to gain your strength, mobility and agility with the guidance and supervision of our rehabilitation professionals at our Wellness Center. This fully integrated exercise program significantly reduces re-injury rate, allows for continued progress towards overall functional goals, and gives patients the proper guidance throughout your post-treatment course. We will track your improvement with The Carolton Scorecard so you can compare yourself to what is considered “normal” for people in your age group.  You will also benefit from the fellowship of other patients working to rebuild their strength and lead independent, healthy lives. 



The majority of the rooms at The Carolton are private rooms with private bathrooms. We also have some shared rooms, also with in-room bathrooms. All of our rooms have been specially designed with your comfort in mind and feature flat-screen televisions and free Internet service.



The Carolton offers a range of amenities to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible. These amenities include free Internet service, daily newspaper delivery, in-room dining or meals in our dining room, free onsite parking, lounge areas and more.



Our short-term stay guests have the choice of eating in their rooms or going to our dining room for their meals. We work hard to provide you with enjoyable meals and we will always accommodate your dietary needs. 



Recovering from any injury or surgery can be uncomfortable and moving, stretching and using parts of your body that have experienced a trauma is challenging. Our nursing staff is committed to helping you manage your discomfort so you can properly heal, do the work you need to and regain your strength. Our rehabilitation team will also use various methods, including ice and heat, to minimize your discomfort and encourage you to your best health. 



The Carolton does provided home-based therapy work, depending on a patient’s particular circumstances. Some patients qualify for limited home therapy on a case-by-case basis to bridge the time between leaving the hospital after some surgical procedures and entering an outpatient rehabilitation program. We can discuss this with you further if this is an option you would like to explore.



The Carolton is located at 400 Mill Plain Road, Fairfield, Connecticut, right off I-95, Exit 21. We have easy, free on-property parking. We love to give potential patients and their families tours of our beautiful facility, including our 4,000 square-foot rehabilitation space, our patient rooms, our dining room and lounge areas. 



Basic satellite dish TV is provided in every room. 



Our facility pharmacy, Value Healthcare, will supply all medications according to the physician's orders, and the pharmacy will make any appropriate generic brand substitutions as appropriate. Medicare and managed care patient’s prescriptions are covered by the hospital in accordance with the insurance plan. Prescriptions are directly billed to the private pay patient by the pharmacy.

The facility provides some generic over-the-counter medications to be used during the patient’s stay per physician’s orders, e.g., vitamins, pain relievers, and laxatives. If a patient wishes to have a specific trade brand name medication that we do not stock, they may request family or friends to bring in their own supply if it is in an unopened container with an intact manufacturer’s label.



The Carolton’s administration and staff take pride in providing an attractive room environment, meeting the patient’s need for assistive/protective devices and convenience items. The facility requests that these items be used as instructed and that, upon discharge, be left behind for the next patient. Any assistive devices (seat cushions, heel protectors, walkers, canes, reaches, wheelchairs, etc.) or room equipment (TV remote control, pictures, clock, etc.) taken home, will be billed to the patient’s account.

Prior to patient discharge, our therapists and social workers will discuss what equipment the patient should have in the home, and make necessary arrangements with an area medical supply provider. The ordering will be in accordance with the patient’s medical coverage and patients will be given the option of purchasing any non-covered items.



Daily delivery of The Connecticut Post can be arranged via the Recreation Department (203-255-3573, Ext. 338). Other local and New York newspapers are available through area delivery services.



Every patient room has bedside telephone service without charge for local calls only. If long distance service is desired, there will be an additional charge for those outgoing calls. Call The Admission Office at 203-255-3573, extension 224,or Social Services, extension 223 to arrange for this added service.

When making any outgoing call from the patient’s bedside phone, you must first Press 9 and then enter the number you are calling.



Visitors are welcome any time throughout the day. However, keeping in mind the patient’s need for rest, assistance with daily personal care, and any prescribed treatments, we suggest that visitors arrive between 11 AM and 8 PM. The charge nurse should be notified if a patient or family members desire any visitor restriction.

For the protection of our patients and of our residents, some facility doors do not allow entry and some may be alarmed to deter non-emergency exiting. All facility entrances are locked after dark; you may gain access by ringing the adjacent door bell and a staff member will admit you.



The Carolton Hospital provides only general duty nursing. If the patient/resident needs continuous or special duty nursing care, a nursing director or supervisor will assist in procuring these qualified caregivers/companions.

All patients are under the care of an attending physician of his/her choosing. This physician is notified, by the Admissions Office, prior to admission and accepts responsibility for the care of the resident during his/her stay. Other than our general duty nursing staff and other Carolton employees, any professional rendering medical care or services to the patient are independent contractors and not agents or employees of this facility.

Foot diagnosis, evaluation and treatment, when ordered by the patient’s physician, will be provided by a licensed podiatrist of patient’s choice. Routine foot care, defined as debridement of nails, corns and calluses, is Medicare coverable only when the resident has a qualifying systemic disorder, which presents with sufficient severity to warrant such on-site services.

Patients/residents are responsible for payment of non-covered services to correct and prevent foot problems and discomforts. Dental and opthamologic services are also available upon patient or family request and these will be billed separately by that contracted provider. 





  • Check with the nurse or dietitian regarding special diet restrictions before you bring any food or snacks in to the patient.
  • Encourage the patient to have all valuables and important personal items taken home or secured in a designated locked area in the facility.
  • Any personal snacks or favorite home-cooked foods should be placed in tightly sealed containers, labeled with the patient's name, contents and date brought in. Each unit has a nourishment refrigerator for perishable food.
  • Inform the nursing staff when you are taking a patient off the unit.
  • Take advantage of available opportunities to learn any necessary assistive skills you may need if you will be a direct caregiver after discharge. Contact our Rehabilitation Center to schedule an appointment to be with the resident during physical or occupational therapy sessions.
  • Offer to stay with your family member during times of severe confusion or high anxiety. As the patient’s medical or mental condition warrants, comforting family members may be allowed to remain throughout the day and night.
  • Read the "You Can Help Prevent A Fall" reminder posted on each the patient's bathroom door.
  • Promptly bring any care related problems or concerns to the attention of the unit's Head Nurse or in her/his absence, please discuss your concerns with the on-duty Nursing Supervisor. Should you wish to speak with other members of our managerial/administrative staff please feel free to call them.
  • Continue to include the patient in family events, both good and bad. They need to feel that they are still an important part of their family.
  • Please offer any tips or pointers that can help our caregivers and other staff to better know your or your loved one’s personal preferences or routine.



The most important items we recommend are:

  • Comfortable clothing for therapy, e.g., gym suit or other comfortable leisure clothing
  • Sneakers or walking shoes
  • Pajamas or nightgown if you prefer not to sleep in a hospital type gown
  • Robe
  • Slippers with non-skid soles
  • Any personal care items of your preference - soap, body bath, lotions, comb/hairbrush, toothpaste, toothbrush, and deodorant

Valuables should be left at home or sent home with relatives. If this is not possible arrangements can be made to have your valuables placed in a locked area until your discharge. The Carolton does not assume responsibility for loss of money, jewelry, or other personal property kept in your room.





  • Medications should not be brought from home unless requested by the physician or licensed staff. All prescribed medications will be provided by the facility.
  • Cash or other valuables should not be brought into the facility; all non-covered services, such as beauty parlor/barber can be billed. We firmly do not permit any employee tipping.
  • If you choose to have your laundry done on-site, please note that industrial washers/dryers are used at high temperatures. This process is not appropriate for any woolens or delicate fabrics. Do not use the provided in room mesh laundry bag unless you wish the apparel to be washed in the facility laundry.
  • Do not bring in clothing that will be difficult for the patient/resident to put on or may be inappropriate for therapy sessions or other activities. We recommend that all personal clothing be comfortable for wearing and easy to wash.
  • Don’t forget to bring in comfortable shoes/sneakers and slippers with non-skid soles.
  • You should not assist other patient’s needing assistance in getting out of their chairs or attempting to walk within their room or in the hallway. You can best help by activating the patient’s call bell or directly informing a unit staff member that the individual is in need of assistance.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – our nurses, other nursing staff, therapists, dietitians, and social workers will sincerely try to obtain the information you need. If you have a medical concern or question, please contact the patient's physician directly.





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